Friday, September 01, 2006

What do you think?

As your TLC '05 brother, I gotta disagree with you when you say that the people who think the listserve has fallen into "mission creep" are "complete failures as lawyers."

That's taking it a little too far, isn't it? Failures for voicing their opinions? I value their opinions as much as I value yours, brother.

I love the list serve and like you I see the articles and links as "gifts from those who send them to us." You, and many others, make this thing interesting even though, like all families, we don't always agree. I think we have to "take the bitter with the better," like all families should, and focus our fight outside rather than in.

But, can we grant the critics of the current listserve that a lot of things are off topic and perhaps distracting to the most busy among us?

Here's an idea: I created a blog called "In the Moment: A Blog for TLC Warriors" that can be found at

It's brand new today, and the first post is this email. I can easily transfer emails from the listserve to the blog, but I won't do so without the sender's permission.

What do you think? Is this something worth trying? I'd love to hear your feedback, either at the blog or via email.

Your TLC Brother-
Dave Tarrell


dtarrell said...
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Anna said...


Great idea. Is there a way to make it private to TLC people, or does it go out to the world?

Rick Reno '04 said...


Maybe this is just what we need to avoid some of the BS that is occurring at this very time. Thank you for your effort in doing so.

Rick Reno '04

dtarrell said...

Anna and Rick-
Thanks for the comments. I checked into making the blog for TLC alums only, but it's not available. I did change the settings to allow anyone to post, so nicknames and anonymous comments will be allowed, if people don't want their names and views on the web. I'll keep checking into it though because there might be a different way. I think it's a great idea and might lead to more frank, true discussions too. Anxious to hear your thoughts on other issues as well.

megan said...

Good idea, Dave. Thanks for doing this. Please keep reminding us about the blog.