Wednesday, September 20, 2006

F the T-Warrior

I love the name "F Warriors," and the story behind it, but it appears Bill O'Reilly was inspired by the name and has taken to calling himself the "T Warrior", short for Traditional. As this article from ABC states O'Reilly described the inspiration for the new nickname came from a:
war pitting traditional Americans — those who believe the United States is noble
— against those who are secular progressives and believe the country is
fundamentally flawed. "It's the traditionalists who really want to keep
the country pretty much the way it is," O'Reilly said. "Against the secular
progressives who want drastic change. … They control the media."...When "20/20"
pointed out that he had one of the loudest voices in the media, O'Reilly said he
and his fellow traditionalists were outnumbered and had been since the days of
Walter Cronkite.

You got that? It's not the folks who think the obtaining a warrant in accordance with the Fourth Amendment is contrary to the necessities of the War on Terror, or who think that the Geneva Conventions are "quaint," who have had 3 federal judges rule against them, or who think that "the founders intended that wrongheaded or obsolete legislation and judicial decisions would be checked by presidential action" that want drastic change. They, the "traditionalists," "want to keep the country pretty much the way it is."

And the guy whose show, according to the article, draws "cable TV's biggest audience" believes that it's the "secular progressives" who "want drastic change" and "control the media."

On the bright side, at least his network is Fair and Balanced.

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