Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Reason to Never Wear an Ascot

From the ABA Journal a few hours ago...

A Milwaukee judge known as a fastidious dresser held up a sentencing hearing for three hours yesterday because a prosecutor came to court wearing an ascot.

Judge William Sosnay said the ascot violates a court rule that requires lawyers to wear neckties and “borders on contemptuous," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

“This is not about the definition of an ascot or a necktie," Sosnay said. "This is an issue which I believe deals with the integrity of the court."

When you threaten to hold a person in contempt for wearing an ascot, how much integrity do you have left?

I wasn't there, so maybe there's more to the story: Is the judge standing up to a prosecutor who pushed the limits of the rule requiring neckties or is he so anti-elitist, so blue collar, that a red ascot ignites a flame in his brain akin to to the one that led Ralphy to go over the edge in what became known as the "Scut Fargas Affair" in A Christmas Story?

The Milwaukee Journal article says that "the three people in the gallery ... had to wait two hours, 58 minutes" because of the "Ascot Affair." Said one of the innocent bystanders who ahd to wait:

"Don't they got a novelty shop in this place somewhere so he can buy a tie?"

I guess the more they fight with each other, the less anger they'll have to direct toward our clients?

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Ken Lammers said...

I saw a judge once make a defense attorney who was wearing a sweater vest pull his tie out in front of the sweater because he couldn't see it.

I hate ties. If they weren't required I wouldn't wear one. Not that I'd wear an ascot either . . .