Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mr. Rogers saves PBS from politicians

"Alright Rogers, you've got the floor" begins the crusty Senator before Mr. Rogers begins speaking, requesting money for public television.

Gerry Spence talks about dealing with difficult judges, or as he describes it, dealing with "his honor, the tyrant."

Watch the difference in the Senator's tyrannical beginning until the moment (around 5:00) when he says "Well, I'm supposed to be a pretty tough guy and this is the first time I've had goose bumps for the last two days."

Notice how Rogers counters cynicism with hope and respect, staying in the moment and remaining respectful throughout.

I don't mean to spoil the ending, but isn't it this method, this credibility that leads the Senator to say at the end, "I think it's wonderful. Looks like you just got your 20 million dollars."

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