Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Don't Taze Me Bro!"

That's what you can hear the young man yelling just before the cops taze him (video below) for refusing to obey their commands to "stop resisting" as 3 to 4 cops lie on him in the back of the auditorium.

At one point, Kerry says something about "he's unavailable to come up here and swear me in as President." It seems to me that's Kerry trying to laugh at the situation but what a pathetic spectacle to have a Democratic Senator droning on and making jokes while the young man is screaming his lungs out.

Admittedly, the kid was being rude but tazing him for this! Here is a comment I left at Talkleft:

"What a great metaphor for the position much of the Democratic party takes with regard to the so-called "fringe" that is demanding action on Iraq and against the Bush administration. Like the female officer who screams "stop resisting" (which has no real effect on a very frightened kid) they want to ignore these inconvenient truths, like the skull and bones society link, and tell us, at a time when we're surrounded by people who seem to have no regard for either the Constitution or the rule of law, simply to "stop resisting."

And Kerry carries on as if he can't even hear this, hoping it'll be over soon. What a sad display of force, juxtaposed with apathy, bearing down on a kid who, albeit rudely, is asking a question about the insider nature of our government, a government that currently seems oblivious to what the people truly want, whether it be with regard to Iraq, to a popular election, or to why the opposition to Bush is perpetually capitulating.

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