Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Industry Wide" Insurance Practice to Dump Pregnant, Sick?

Will this be in Michael Moore's upcoming "Sicko?"

From today's LA Times...

- "Blue Cross of California "routinely" violated state law when it canceled
individual health insurance coverage after policyholders got pregnant or sick...
according to a state investigation of practices that appear to be industrywide."

- "The state investigation found that Blue Cross used ... a dedicated department
to systematically investigate and cancel the policies of pregnant women and the
chronically ill... Regulators examined 90 randomly selected cases ... out of
about 1,000 a year in California — and found violations in each one."

- (Parent Company) "WellPoint Inc., earned $3.1 billion in profit last year on revenue of $57 billion."


Anonymous said...

Moore's Sicko, due out in June, is likely to have major impact on the national debate over American health care leading up to the 2008 election. In Citizen Moore: The Life and Times of An American Iconoclast (RDR Books), author Roger Rapoport points out that the HMO's and pharmaceutical companies have even hired profilers to coach employees on how to disarm Moore while they call security to throw him out of the lobby. "Compliment him on his weight loss and ask him how he has done it. Bring up any Detroit sports team- the Tigers, the Red Wings. That will distract him." The book previews key scenes from the film. Don't miss it.

Tisha said...

Well said.